Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Never done a blog before

Hi there people who may or may not listen to my comments.

I come to you with a very serious thread to our beloved world.

Conspiracy Theories in modern days are all over the place. But how come that so few people actually believe that conspiracys are true? It is a modern day society but every once in a while a major tradegy happens and everybody believes that secret forces that rule the world for hundreds of years had there role in that act.

So what do you think about Conspiracys? I think that the world became far to greedy over the last decades.
How come that half the money and belongings/ressources of the Earth belong to 2% of earth's population?
Ill tell you why! People are greedy... and with greedy people you can make ALOT of money. Casinos, Actionhouses, Private Banks and Stock Markets. All of this Things are used by people who thinks that THEY can make the big cash and all others are minor to there superior intellect.

But this is ruining the Economy, playing with money you dont have is killing the earth.
The only Systems that tried to change this Concept of Capitalism faild horrible.
So is it that we should change the System? No. Because it is not the System that fails.
It is the Society that is stupid enough to believe that ANY system can actually work.

So what should we do?

Maybe will find the solution in this Blog... together my brothers and sisters


  1. Good luck with your blog. I find it pretty interesting, following.

  2. welcome to blogging.
    i wish you good luck :)

  3. me neither man, just go with the flow and blog about things you like! gl with the blog! following :)

  4. i think thats a very good blog, following.

  5. Welcome to blogging!
    Conspiracies are fun, but thats usually all they are.. just fun

  6. You never done it before but you write like you do it for years! Keep it going, really nice

  7. always interesting to get thoughts down somewhere!

  8. I'm a big fan of conspiracy theories. Not sure how many of them actually have a good backbone, but they are interesting to learn about nevertheless.

  9. deep stuff man, Followed ;)